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Eric Merriweather was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but spent beginning of his adult life in Washington, D.C.  Eric currently resides in Atlanta where he is not only an author of a Book, he is a Masters Olympic Athlete Gold Medalist and Masters World Champion in Track and Field, he has a nonprofit organization in Atlanta and has a coaching and mentoring program with youth throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area.  Now Eric adds to his resume acting.  Eric has always wanted to act as a little child but finally decided to take a complete interest in acting.  He is now taking acting lessons.  He always took an interest in acting but never knew where that interest would lead him.  Now he is taking acting classes at the Nick Conti’s Professional Actor’s Studio in Atlanta.  Eric’s current acting coach is the talented Angela Davis who has inspired Eric to do more.  Eric is developing a deeper passion for acting so I am certain to see  more of Eric Merriweather in the acting world.

Height: 5'10"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown

Suit: 42R (US)

Shoe: 11 (US) 

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