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Seven John Singleton was born to the late film director, producer, and actor John Singleton and Houston children’s book author Rayvon Jones, through in-vitro fertilization, April of 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. At 3 months young, Rayvon began teaching Seven basic education principles and noticed his advancement when he began to speak at 5 months. Baby Singleton’s first phrase was a powerful, “I Love you.” 


Seven John Singleton is bilingual. He has been studying the Spanish language since 3 months old as well.  Seven had the alphabet memorized and used his ring brain to finish puzzles by 15 months. Singleton also surprised his educators and loves ones with reading and holding conversations at 2 years old.  


Seven John has made on screen appearances in Nick Cannon’s music video, ‘Nobody Else’, as well as key scenes in his father’s hit show, titled Snowfall, which airs on FX network, and he’s even appeared on the Houston News for a KidCast segment where he gave the “weather forecast”.


Carrying on John Singleton’s legacy, as his 7th child, Seven is headed to take his educational ventures as far as possible, making learning fun while encouraging other children to challenge  their intelligence. Baby Singleton loves using his homemade, portable classroom and enjoys Jello and vegan corndogs for lunch. 


Seven is currently in Pre-k 4 and will continue to excel everyday! Stay tuned for upcoming learning adventures and products. The kid doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

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